I3D File Extension

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What is the .I3D file type?

The .i3d filename extension is associated with the GIANTS 3D Model (.i3d) file type and format developed by GIANTS Software GmbH for their GIANTS Engine, an advanced cross-platform real-time 3D game engine best known thanks to such games as Farming Simulator, Ski Region Simulator, etc. XML-based, I3D is GIANTS Engine's core file format used in all GIANTS Engine-based games.

The .i3d file represents a 3D entity (a truck, house, tractor, crops, etc.) that can be directly processed by the GIANTS Engine. The file contains structured XML code that describes transform groups, shapes, lights, cameras, particle systems, animation, and other aspects of a 3D model. Although any .i3d file can be directly opened as XML code in a text editor, there are dedicated tools (e.g., GIANTS Editor) to edit I3D files for modding purposes.

On their GIANTS Developer Network (GDN), GIANTS Software GmbH provides detailed documentation and official GIANTS SDK tools to work with the I3D format. Via plugins, several major 3D-content authoring tools such as Autodesk's 3ds Max or Maya allow direct I3D export.

Software to open or convert I3D files

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