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What is the .GEM file type?

In keeping with the gemstone theme of Ruby, the .gem filename extension primarily represents the Ruby/Ruby on Rails Module (.gem) file type. Ruby is the name of a server-side scripting language, while Ruby on Rails (RR) refers to an efficient and widely popular web application framework. In Ruby on Rails, a gem is an established name of a self-contained framework module (extension, library, plugin, etc.). Gems are packaged and distributed as gemfiles (.gem). A gemfile (.gem) is a regular tar archive that contains a gem specification, along with one or more text-based Ruby source files, a set of customary metafiles such as README, and optionally additional assets (JavaScript or other code). Outside Ruby on Rails, .gem files can be opened and processed as tar archives using any compatible archive manager.

Alternatively, the .gem extension denotes the Corel Ventura Document (.gem) file type introduced in 1990's by Ventura Publisher, a legacy DOS desktop publishing application by Ventura Software (to be later acquired by Corel Corp. and become known as Corel Ventura). Discontinued since 2002, Corel Ventura saved its documents using the GEM (Graphics Environment Manager) Metafile binary format originating from the GEM desktop environment. Here, a .gem file is a Corel Ventura vector-based graphics project that can be opened in Corel Ventura itself and several other applications providing read-only support for the GEM format (e.g., Corel Paint Shop Pro).

Software to open or convert GEM files

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