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What is the .AXX file type?

The .axx filename extension is used to denote the AxCrypt Encrypted File (.axx) file type associated with the AxCrypt utility . AxCrypt is an file encryption tool for Microsoft Windows developed by Axantum Software AB and released in both free and paid versions. For encryption, AxCrypt utilizes RSA-4096 keys and strong cipher algorithms such as AES-256. Any files encrypted by AxCrypt are automatically assigned the .axx filename suffix in addition to the file's original filename and extension. The .axx file contains the encrypted data of an original user file. Such files can only be opened with AxCrypt to be restored to their initial unencrypted state, provided that a proper password is known. Without decryption, the original data is totally inaccessible. Once the file is decrypted, the .axx suffix is removed, restoring the original file type. On computers with AxCrypt installed, the .axx file type is automatically associated with the tool, and using the default open action on an .axx file displays AxCrypt's password prompt for decryption.

The legitimate AxCrypt software must not be confused with the similarly named AxCrypter ransomware, which also uses the .axx extension for any files it encrypts to extort a ransom from the affected victim. Apparently based upon some of the AxCrypt technology, the AxCrypter ransomware is a dangerous malicious program (malware) distributed through infected URL's, spam e-mail, fake installers, etc. It may be possible to restore the AxCrypter-encrypted files (.axx) using free decryption tools provided by major antimalware companies.

Software to open or convert AXX files

You can open AXX files with the following programs:
AxCrypt by Axantum Software AB
AxCrypt by AxCrypt AB
Studio by Pinnacle Systems

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