HWP File Extension

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What is the .HWP file type?

Derived from the name of the software, the .hwp filename extension denotes the Hangul Word Processor Document (.hwp) file format/type. Hangul Word Processor, usually abbreviated as Hwp, is a standalone commercial word processing application, also included in the Hancom Office suite, developed by Hancom Inc. and widely popular in Korea.

The .hwp file is a formatted text document created in Hwp and saved in its native format. Unlike ODF and OOXML, HWP is a non-standard, private format that comes in two main versions (3.0 and 5.0). HWP specifications are published on Hancom's Korean web site.

HWP files are meant to be opened and worked with in Hwp, although most .hwp documents can be successfully opened in several other word processors or converted to common document formats. Documents in the older HWP 3.0 (Hangul WP 97) format are more accessible, while the newer HWP 5.0 format enjoys a far narrower support with third-party software. Microsoft provides a free HWP 5.0 compatibility pack for Microsoft Word.

Hancom additionally provides a free viewer that can open all .hwp documents on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux.

Software to open or convert HWP files

You can open HWP files with the following programs: 

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