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What is the .PLV file type?

The most common occurrence of .plv as filename extension is related to the MAGIX Disk Information File (.plv) file type as used by several older multimedia authoring and Video-CD/DVD burning applications by MAGIX AG. When a Video-CD or DVD was burned in one of MAGIX products such as MAGIX Photo Manager, an extra service file ("content.plv") would be written to the root or the "VIDEO_TS" directory of the disk. It is a small text file that does not contain any image or multimedia data, but provides a list of files on the current Video-CD/DVD and some MAGIX-specific disk information. Although against the standards, the presence of the "content.plv" file on the disk does not interfere with playback and is not known to cause any compatibility issues. The "content.plv" file itself is not meant to be opened by the user, although it can be easily done with a text editor. When a MAGIX-authored Video-CD or DVD is opened for playback in MAGIX software, the "content.plv" file acts as a playlist.

Standing for 'PlayLater Video,' the .plv extension is also associated with the PlayLater Video File (.plv) file type and the proprietary multimedia container format developed by MediaMall Technologies, Inc. for their PlayLater software. PlayLater is a Microsoft Windows-only paid software that, backed by the PlayOn service, enables its users to record videos for later viewing from a number of online providers. Although pre-configured to use MPEG-4 by default, PlayLater can be made instead to use its own .plv format that allows to view the stream at the same time as it is being recorded. Such .plv files are non-standard and cannot be played by any other software, except PlayLater on PC and iOS.

Software to open or convert PLV files

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