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What is the .TDT file type?

The most frequent occurrence of the .tdt filename extension is related to the AVCHD Thumbnail Image (TDT) file type and format. AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding, High Definition) is a proprietary High Definition (HD) digital video framework and a container format closely based upon the BluRay Disc (BD) standard. AVCHD is widely used in HD digital camcorders.

AVCHD has a set directory structure and filename system, in which .tdt files represent thumbnail images generated for actual video clips (.mts). On an AVCHD storage volume, a .tdt file (in fact, one file with the name "THUMB.tdt") is saved into the "PRIVATE/AVCHD/AVCHDTN" directory, along with the "THUMB.TID" index file.

TDT files are not video files because actual video clips (.mts) are stored in the "PRIVATE/AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM" folder.

In reference to FirstBreak, a commercial software by LogicSphere to gather and analyze concrete performance statistics, the .tdt extension represents the FirstBreak Test Data Table (TDT) file type. A .tdt file is a plaintext CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file that contains batch, strength test, temperature, and some other data for a series of concrete batches. TDT files can be imported into FirstBreak, opened with a text editor, or used as a CSV data source.

Additionally, the .tdt extension is used in the MMORPG title Path Of Exile to denote terrain metadata (.tdt) files that are stored on a local client machine and referenced by the game engine during gameplay. TDT files are part of the game engine and should not be manipulated by users.

THOR (Thesaurus Oriented Retrieval), a structured chemical database description language and system by Daylight Chemical Information Systems, uses the .tdt extension as a label for the THOR Data Tree (TDT) text-based format and the associated file type. A .tdt file is a text listing of chemical data entries structured with datatype tags. THOR data trees (.tdt) can be processed by a number of Daylight software tools (e.g., tdtcat, thordump, treetops).

CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers (CW-MCU) uses the .tdt extension to mark its target data files (.tdt). CW-MCU is a commercial microcontroller programming tool developed by Freescale, and in its scope .tdt files store various target-related metadata information for source files, meant to facilitate compilation of CW-MCU code.

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