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What is the .IMOVIEMOBILE file type?

The clunky .imoviemobile filename extension belongs to the iMovie for iOS Project (.iMovieMobile) file type associated with iMovie for iOS, a mobile version of the iMovie video editing application available from Apple Inc. An .imoviemobile file is a video project created in iMovie for iOS. Unlike other types of project files, it is an all-in-one ZIP container packaging the actual media clips (in the 'Assets' subfolder), along with their edits on the project's timeline and metadata. iMovie for iOS projects (.imoviemobile) can be transferred to a computer using iTunes or alternative methods, and imported into iMovie (Apple Mac OS X). The .imoviemobile files are not video files, they are editable in iMovie for iOS/iMovie only and cannot be edited on a PC (other than directly opened as a ZIP archive using an archiver). In order to share an .imoviemobile project, it must be exported as a playable video in a standard multimedia container format from within iMovie. The resulting .mp4 or .mov file can be transferred to a computer, shared via a cloud, or published online.

Software to open or convert IMOVIEMOBILE files

You can open IMOVIEMOBILE files with the following programs:
Zune by Microsoft Corporation
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
iTunes by Apple Inc.

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