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What is the .CLP file type?

As an abbreviation of 'Clipboard,' the .clp filename extension stands for the Microsoft Windows Clipboard File (.clp) file type and format. In addition to the standard clipboard functionality, the Microsoft Windows operating systems before Windows Vista included a special tool (ClipBook Viewer, clipbrd.exe) to directly access and manipulate the contents of the system clipboard.

The .clp file is a copy of the clipboard contents saved with ClipBook Viewer in its own format. In Microsoft Windows before Windows Vista, the .clp file type is pre-associated with ClipBook Viewer. In Windows Vista and later, .clp files are not recognized and cannot be natively opened, unless the "clipbrd.exe" tool from a previous Windows version is manually installed, or a third-party utility is used.

In the scope of the CrazyTalk advanced facial animation software from Reallusion Inc., the .clp filename suffix belongs to the CrazyTalk Motion Clip (.clp) file type and format. In CrazyTalk, a motion clip (.clp) represents a pre-made facial animation sequence, like a wink or smile, that can be applied to a virtual actor's timeline. Besides CrazyTalk itself, CrazyTalk motion clips (.clp) can be imported in other Reallusion software, such as iClone.

With reference to Finale, a premium commercial score editor and MIDI workstation for musicians (MakeMusic, Inc.), the .clp extension denotes the Finale Clip (.clp) file type/format. Here, the .clp file contains a section or passage copied from a Finale score and saved for future use. Such clips can be re-inserted in the same or other Finale documents, using the Mass Edit Tool.

Additionally, the .clp extension denotes the Jess Source Code (.clp) file type. Jess is a Java rule engine and a LISP-based programming language developed by Sandia National Laboratories, and the .clp file contains Jess source code in plaintext. Although such files can be created, opened, and modified in any text editor, the Jess Developer's Environment (JessDE) features a dedicated editor associated with the .clp file type.

Software to open or convert CLP files

You can open CLP files with the following programs:
IrfanView by Irfan Skiljan
Ashampoo Photo Commander
Ashampoo Photo Commander by Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
VSO Media Player
VSO Media Player by VSO Software

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