Opening SFM files

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What is the .SFM file type?

The .sfm filename extension chiefly represents the Standard Format Markers File (.sfm) file type. The term Standard Format Markers (SFM) refers to a loose set of conventional 'standards' of marking up textual scripture (The Bible) translation documents to clearly designate books, chapters, and verses as well as other elements. An SFM document is a regular text file in which backslash-based metacharacter sequences are used to mark up structural elements. The use of the .sfm extension here is rather conventional, and such files may as well be denoted with the standard .txt extension or other filename suffixes. SFM documents are mainly used as source files for specialized linguistics and scripture translation software such as Adapt It or Paratext.

The .sfm extension also denotes note files (.sfm) created by the newer versions of S Memo, a note-taking application for Android-based Samsung devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note and others. S Memo allows to take typed or handwritten notes, make drawings, attach images, and browse through previously created notes. Saved in the "sdcard/Application/SMemo/cache/" directory, S Memo notes files (.sfm) are, in fact, renamed PNG bitmap images. As such, they can be opened by any image viewer, once the extension is changed to .png.

With reference to the Sage 50 Accounting (formerly known as Simply Accounting) subscription-based accounting and business management software for Microsoft Windows from Sage Software, the .sfm extension stands for the Sage 50 Accounting Custom Form (.sfm) file type/format. Saved in the "Program Files\Simply Accounting\Forms" folder by default, such .sfm files represent invoice, purchase order, and other forms that can be customized using the Forms Designer. In addition to the .sfm forms, Sage 50 Accounting uses Crystal Report forms (.rpt) in a different format.

The .sfm extension is also used by the DART Pro series of audio quality restoration products from DARTECH, Inc. to denote the DART Pro Audio Tree Information File (.sfm) file type. Before an audio file (.wav) can be processed in DART Pro, it must be registered to become the root of an audio tree. For every registered root file (.wav), a special audio tree information file (.sfm) is automatically created and maintained. The .sfm file is a small database that allows DART Pro to keep track of the tree's branches and nodes.

In the scope of the HALCON machine vision software framework from MVTec Software GmbH, the .sfm extension represents the HALCON Surface Model (.sfm) file type and format. The .sfm file contains a reference 3D surface model, used by a machine operator to match against a visual image of a physical object for quality control, sorting, etc.

Software to open or convert SFM files

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