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What is the .ST3 file type?

The .st3 ('Star 3') file extension primarily denotes the proprietary Star 3 MIDI Karaoke File (ST3) file type and format developed by Creative Tech Korea. Being a modified version of the classic MIDI format, it was used for saving and storing music data files for various karaoke programs, such as Star 3, Microke or RealOrche. A distinctive feature of this format is the ability to show subtitles in different colors for singing a duet.

An .st3 file stores a set of instructions on how to play the pre-recorded background music as well as subtitle lyrics and sometimes an image. Contrary to regular MIDI files, the ST3 format uses compression algorithms to reduce the size of .st3 files. Unfortunately, the ST3 file format is no longer supported by the company, however, there are some fan-made file converters that can convert .st3 files to more popular karaoke formats like KAR.

In addition, the .st3 file extension is also associated with the SPICE Status Data file format related to SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis), an open-source circuit simulation program developed at the University of California. The software uses the .st3 extension and other similar alphanumeric extensions (.st0, .st1, .st2, .st4, etc.) with its status files that record software performance information. Such status files are auxiliary, they do not store any simulation results, just execution steps for debugging purposes. These SPICE ST3 files can be deleted safely, or, if necessary, opened in a text editor (e.g. Notepad).

As an abbreviation of 'Starter Town 3000', the .st3 file extension can also be related to SimCity 3000, a city building and management game making part of the SimCity series. In this case, the .st3 extension designates SimCity 3000 starter town files usually located in the SimCity 3000/StarterTowns folder. Such starter towns are the basic elements of the game included in the installation pack by default.

Software to open or convert ST3 files

You can open ST3 files with the following programs:
Zusi (Hobby)
Zusi (Hobby) by Carsten Hölscher
GetDataBack for NTFS
GetDataBack for NTFS by Runtime Software
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov

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