DNO File Extension

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What is the .DNO file type?

Representing the DC Numeric Output (.dno) file type, the .dno filename extension is one of the three extensions designating numeric output files generated by Micro-Cap, a commercial SPICE circuit design and simulation software product by Spectrum Software. Micro-Cap offers a Numeric Output feature that allows to capture numeric values of waveform signals at given points during simulation and save such data as files. Depending on the type of data, numeric output files are given different extensions: direct current (DC) data is saved as .dno, while alternate current (AC) and transient-state data are saved as .ano and .tno, respectively.

A DC numeric output (.dno) file is a regular text file that contains space- or tab-delimited tabular data that represents waveform values generated during a DC Analysis run in Micro-Cap. Any Micro-Cap numeric output (.ano, .dno, .tno) file can be directly imported in a spreadsheet editor or a database. Besides the actual waveform data, other textual information is included in .dno (.ano, .tno) files by default, as controlled by the Numeric Output options of Micro-Cap's Properties dialog.


Software to open or convert DNO files

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