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What is the .INFO file type?

Most commonly, the .info extension would be found as part of the '' file created by ZoomBrowser (ZB) by Canon, Inc. ZB is a proprietary photographic image managing tool available from Canon as part of software bundled together with a Canon still-picture camera.

ZB would create one '' file in each folder with user pictures. Such .info files are used by ZB as collective thumbnails for preview purposes. So, any '' file is a raster image thumbnail file containing downscaled previews of all images in a directory.

ZB .info files are quite small and marked as hidden so they do not show with default Explorer settings. Such thumbnail files can be safely deleted, although they will be re-created every time ZB is launched. ZB, however, would not be associated with .info files in Windows, those files are just part of its preview generation process.

Quite consistently, the .info extension stands for 'Information' and is often found in plaintext human-readable files that are, in fact, concise descriptions of whatever file archive or software they are attached to. Such INFO files can and are meant to be opened with a text editor to be directly read by a human. INFO files serve the same purpose as NFO, DSC or (sometimes) TXT files.

In website content-management systems (CMS), the .info extension is associated with Drupal module information files that define a list of modules to be used by Drupal, a very popular open-source PHP-based CMS for web sites with actively managed content. Proper Drupal INFO files are essential for correct functioning of the CMS.

In GNU/Linux, the .info extension is linked up with the Texinfo/GNU Documentation System file format and file type. GNU .info files are plaintext files structured with the hypertext-enabled TeX markup into connected chapters, sections etc. INFO files are linked together within a hypertext documentation system ('info'). INFO files usually reside in the '/usr/local/info' directory of a GNU/Linux system.

Software to open or convert INFO files

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