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What is the .NTH file type?

Derived from "Nokia Theme," the .nth filename extension denotes the Nokia Theme Package (.nth) file type. Nokia is a major maker of cellular phones and other mobile devices, and most Nokia phones support interface themes. A theme is a collection of images that change the visual appearance of the phone's interface.

The .nth file is a Nokia theme package. Technically speaking, it is a regular ZIP archive that can be directly opened (or created) with any ZIP-compatible archiver tool. Inside the .nth archive, there are background and GUI element images (JPEG or PNG) that accompany the main XML-based theme layout file ("theme.xml" or "theme_descriptor.xml"). Animated background content is served through Adobe Flash (.swf) files. As a rule, a single .nth theme package targets a certain screen resolution, for example, 320×240 pixels.

NTH files are recognized by the majority of Nokia devices and Nokia software, such as Nokia PC Suite (legacy) and Ovi. An abundance of professionally-created and user-made Nokia themes (.nth) is offered on the Internet, including Nokia's official site. There are also numerous theme authoring tools from various developers.

Software to open or convert NTH files

You can open NTH files with the following programs:
Nokia Suite
Nokia Suite by Nokia
Nokia Ovi Suite
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH

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