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What is the .DBO file type?

The primary association of the .dbo filename extension is the Booknizer Database (DBO) file type. DBO uses the SQLite database file format and is the native file type in Booknizer, a commercial book organizer product by Booknizer.com for the PC/Windows platform. Booknizer allows efficient management, search and storage of a book library with rich metadata (such as author bio's, cover images etc.) readily connectible.

A Booknizer database file (.dbo) is an SQLite database, uncompressed and unencrypted. DBO is automatically associated with Booknizer, and .dbo files are located at "..\My Documents\Booknizer" by default. Initially, Booknizer creates and opens a sample database ('tes*.dbo') with some actual content entries provided. Several DBO databases can be created, including backup copies.

A DBO file consolidates all library data (including metadata except images) in a single location and can be protected with a password. Images like book covers are stored separately in the "..\Booknizer\Covers" subfolder.

The .dbo extension can also be used in connection with DB/TextWorks, a professional database integration and linking solution by InMagic, Inc. In DB/TextWorks, a .dbo file is a database directory located on the main server and used by the server to keep track of databases connected and accessed.

In 3D graphics, the .dbo extension stands for 'DarkBASIC Object' and is associated with the DBO file type and format. DarkBASIC is a specialized BASIC-like programming language and runtime environment developed by The Game Creators, Ltd. for 2D/3D scene programming for the Microsoft DirectX/Direct3D visualizing platform. A .dbo file contains a definition of a 3D object model in the native DarkBASIC format.

Standing for 'Database Owner,' the .dbo extension is also used in connection with Microsoft SQL Server and related software to be temporarily assigned to SQL database files (.mdf), indicating that such files are being created and/or accessed in the Database Owner mode.

Software to open or convert DBO files

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