JRN File Extension

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What is the .JRN file type?

A shorthand for 'Journal,' the filename extension .jrn primarily denotes the JMP Journal (.jrn) file type associated with the JMP statistical analysis software from SAS Institute Inc. JMP is a powerful multi-platform commercial statistics package, with several specialized versions existing for distinct knowledge fields such as clinical analysis. In JMP, a journal (.jrn) is a copy of a JMP statistical analysis report (.jrp), saved in a different file and opened in a separate window for further editing or review. Unlike reports, JMP journals (.jrn) cannot be used to conduct further analysis and only serve the purpose of reviewing single or combined analysis results. JRN journals can only opened in JMP, with an option to re-save in several standard formats such as RTF or HTML. On machines with JMP installed, the .jrn file type get automatically associated with the software.

Along the same line, the .jrn extension is also often used to denote various journal files generated in an automated way by software applications, usually running in the background. Such journal (.jrn) files commonly contain timestamped records of activities (e.g., ATM withdrawals, file management or data processing operations, etc.) logged by the appropriate software service. Typically, journals (.jrn) are saved in plain text and are human-readable, although they are best suited for programmatic analysis. Examples of such journals denoted with the .jrn extension include those created by the Microsoft Azure Import/Export tool for large data volumes prepared for datacenters, ATM journals logging all transactions, Autodesk software journals, and many others. Journal (.jrn) files normally have date-stamped filenames like 20170328.jrn or similar.

Software to open or convert JRN files

You can open JRN files with the following programs:
JMP Pro by SAS Institute Inc.
JMP by SAS Institute Inc.
JMP 11 (Single User)
JMP 11 (Single User) by SAS Institute Inc.
JMP 12 (Single User)
JMP 12 (Single User) by SAS Institute Inc.
JMP 13 (Single User)
JMP 13 (Single User) by SAS Institute Inc.

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