OCC File Extension

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What is the .OCC file type?

The .occ filename extension primarily represents the OMICRON Control Center Test Document (.occ) file type and format. OMICRON Control Center (OCC) is a test automation tool included in the OMICRON Test Universe PC-based software developed by OMICRON electronics GmbH for testing power protection relays with hardware OMICRON testers. An OCC test document (.occ) is an OMICRON Test Universe test plan that includes multiple testing items and provides a standard specification for a routine or maintenance test. Such OCC tests can be used with the OMICRON Test Universe software and an appropriate hardware tester only.

With reference to HALCON, an industry-leading machine vision system from MVTec Software GmbH, the .occ extension serves to denote HALCON pretrained OCR classifier (.occ) files. Intended to be used with HALCON software/hardware, such files (e.g., Universal_0-9_Rej.occ) provide the training basis for reliable machine optical character recognition (OCR) based on different font types and styles. A selection of pretrained OCR datasets (.occ) is provided for HALCON customers.

Additionally, the .occ extension relates to the OCCAM1D tool written in Fortran by a group of scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for processing electromagnetic sounding data. Here, an .occ file is a specially formatted text document that contains a set of initial data obtained from an underwater transmitter. Such .occ files provide input for modeling sea bed profiles with OCCAM1D.

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