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What is the .LML file type?

The .lml filename extension is primarily associated with the Nokia PC Suite Synchronization Log (.lml) file type. It was used by the now-deprecated Nokia PC Suite software by Nokia that was offered to users of Nokia mobile phones as a convenient tool to manage and synchronize their devices. For each synchronization operation, Nokia PC Suite would create a log of all actions performed and save it as an .lml file. Such a log (.lml) is a regular XML file that stores the details of a synchronization performed between the phone and the computer using PC Suite. The LML files would not contain any contact, address book, or other user data and could not be used for backup or restore purposes. Within Nokia PC Suite, synchronization logs (.lml) could be opened with the built-in Report Viewer tool.

The .lml extension additionally denotes the PICAXE VSM Model Library (.lml) file type, with reference to the Lisa Model Description format used by the PICAXE VSM electronic circuit simulation software by Revolution Education Ltd. Located in the "Program Files (x86)\Revolution Education\PICAXE VSM\MODELS" directory, the "PICAXE_IC.lml" and "PICAXE_PARTS.lml" files are the IC and the parts model libraries, respectively, used by PICAXE VSM to conduct simulations. The contents of each of the two .lml files is essentially text-based with a binary header.

In LabPlot, an open-source 2D/3D graph and function plotting tool by S.Gerlach, the .lml extension is used in association with the LabPlot Project (.lml) file type. Such .lml projects are XML files that contain source data in form of spreadsheets for LabPlot to visualize.

With reference to LOGML (Log Markup Language), the .lml extension is recommended as a standard designation of LOGML log files. A subset of XML, LOGML is intended as a standard log description language for web servers. A LOGML log file (.lml) is an XML document matching the LOGML schema that provides an activity report for a web server over a given period of time.

Software to open or convert LML files

You can open LML files with the following programs:
Nokia PC Suite
Samsung PC Studio
MultitrackStudio Lite
MultitrackStudio Lite by Bremmers Audio Design
Vertu PC Suite

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