KRT File Extension

Have a problem opening a .KRT file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what KRT files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .KRT file type?

The filename extension .krt primarily denotes the klickTel Routenplaner 2009 Route (.krt) file type, initially introduced by and associated with klickTel Routenplaner 2009, a legacy commercial route planning software product by klickTel. klickTel Routenplaner 2009 covered European countries and allowed to calculate road routes and save the resulting data for GPS navigation purposes. A .krt file is a GPS road route calculated in klickTel Routenplaner 2009 and saved to disk for later reference. Such routes can be directly used only with the klickTel Routenplaner software. Yet, thanks to standalone or online converters like ITN Concerter or RouteConverter, any .krt route can be converted to other GPS formats, to be used with different mapping or navigation software.

The .krt extension is also used to denote Keyring Creator Template (.krt) files provided by Plastics Direct UK Ltd (Gary Farrington) for their paid Keyring Creator software. Here, a .krt file represents a basic graphic template that matches a keyring blank of a certain type sold by Plastics Direct and can be used to create personalized keyring designs. Such KRT templates are intended to be used with Keyring Creator only.

Software to open or convert KRT files

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