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What is the .EIF file type?

The main association of the .eif filename extension belongs to the Tencent QQ Emoticon Package (EIF) file type and format. Tencent QQ is the name of both a popular Chinese instant messaging (IM) network/protocol and a multi-protocol cross-platform IM client for the QQ network. The QQ network and IM client are maintained by Tencent, a large Chinese telecommunications provider.

The Tencent QQ messenger allows its users to install and configure custom emoticons, distributed as EIF packages. An .eif file is a binary Composite Document File V2 container file that holds a set of bitmap (JPEG, GIF) images. Each .eif file usually represents a certain emoticon theme, in which all icons follow a similar style.

Besides .eif, emoticon package files can also come with the .eip extension. Both .eif and .eip emoticon image files can be imported into QQ via the Emoticon Settings–Import/Export–Import Emoticon Package action sequence. Once added, QQ emoticons can be exported as .eif files or bitmap images (GIF, JPEG, BMP).

Alternatively, the .eif extension is related to the Express Interchange File (EIF) format and file type that are used by Oracle OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) software to export/import data in large-scale computing environments. An EIF file is a representation of an entire database, a data cube, analytic workspace, or any other data source that can be transferred to another OLAP server, Analytic Workspace Manager (AWM) or platform. There are several versions of the EIF format.

Concurrently, the .eif extension is also associated with the Easy Manage Information File (EIF) file type/format. Such EIF files are created and used by Easy Manage, a paid web application for ICT management (EZ Manage), to keep track of networked hardware and software assets. An .eif file is a script that Easy Manage uses to deploy, update, and otherwise manage an application within a given network. EIF scripts are also used to configure Easy Manage itself.

Additionally, the .eif extension denotes the INSITE Exported ECM Image File (EIF) file format and type. A proprietary MS Windows-based tool for servicing electronically-driven Cummins diesel engines, Cummins INSITE uses .eif files to save complete images of an engine's electronic control module (ECM) memory. Such .eif images can be opened with other INSITE installations.

Lastly, the .eif extension can also occur while denoting encrypted files (.eif) created with TotalCrypt (T-Crypt), a paid data security application (MS Windows) by CryptoLogica. Such .eif files can only be decrypted with TotalCrypt.

Software to open or convert EIF files

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