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What is the .SCL file type?

Primarily, the .scl filename extension denotes the Scrapbook Factory Calendar (.scl) file type associated with Scrapbook Factory, a commercial creativity and graphical design application for home users by Nova Development. Scrapbook Factory makes it easy to create any kind of creative design, providing a rich library of literally thousands of stock images, design elements, and templates. The .scl file type is used in Scrapbook Factory for calendars. The .scl file is a single calendar project that can be opened and edited in Scrapbook Factory, to be saved for later editing or production. On computers with Scrapbook Factory installed, the .scl file type is automatically pre-associated with this software.

A short for SINCLAIR, the .scl extension represents the TR-DOS Disk Image (.scl) file type commonly associated with various ZX-Spectrum emulators on major platforms. Sinclair ZX-Spectrum by Sinclair Research Ltd. was a popular cheap 8-bit home computer that used a quasi-operating system called TR-DOS for working with floppy disks. ZX Spectrum is actively emulated, with several tape and disk image formats devised for data handling. SCL is one of such formats, and the .scl file is a compressed binary snapshot of a TR-DOS floppy disk. Such images can be used with a compatible ZX-Spectrum emulator for mounting in a virtual floppy-disk drive. SCL is similar to the older TRD format, however .scl images take less disk space. Both TRD and SCL disk images are supported by major ZX-Spectrum emulators.

Additionally, the .scl extension has to do with the Scala Scale File (.scl) file type introduced by Scala. Scala by M. Op de Coul is a multi-platform freeware utility to analyze, manipulate, and experiment with known musical tunings (scales). To store its scales, Scala uses its own text-based format, fully documented by the software's author. Each scale (.scl) file is a human-readable ASCII text document that can be viewed and modified using a text editor. A huge collection of scales is provided with Scala as a separate download.

Apart from that, the .scl extension is also used by the freeware video digitizing tool named ScenalyzerLive to denote its tape index files. Created in the tape-index folder in the course of digitizing DV or other video tapes, each .scl file represents a video tape index and contains a series of video thumbnails and auxiliary clip information. Such indexes (.scl) are created by ScenalyzerLive for each video tape processed by it.

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