NOL File Extension

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What is the .NOL file type?

The .nol extension is unambiguously associated with the Nokia Operator Logo (NOL) file type introduced by Nokia for the use with Nokia mobile phones. NOL was specifically developed to store and deliver identifiable operator logo graphics displayed on a phone's screen.

A .nol file is simply a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) file with a different extension. Sometimes, the PNG format is also used. As different Nokia phone models have different screen sizes, operator logos (.nol) are generally available on a per-model basis. A NOL logo file intended for a given phone model must have matching pixel dimensions (e.g., 100x50 etc.).

Custom .nol logos can be easily created with any image editor that can handle GIF. Many multi-format image viewers/editors are able to recognize and view/edit NOL files as they are, without the need to change the extension.

To be recognized by a Nokia phone and installed as an operator logo, a .nol image must be directly transferred to the phone via WAP, Bluetooth, IR port etc.

Software to open or convert NOL files

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