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What is the .LRC file type?

A short for 'Lyrics,' the .lrc filename extension is assigned to text-based lyrics (.lrc) files. The LRC format is a very simple one, detailed in many sources on the Internet. Thanks to timing keys, LRC lyrics can be used for the Karaoke purposes, set to display the lines one by one synced to a song's beat and tempo.

An .lrc file is a common text file in which lyrics lines are supplemented with the preceding ID tags and timing keys in square brackets. LRC lyrics can be authored in any text editor, while some media players provide integrated lyrics editing tools. To be seen by a media player and linked to a song, the .lrc file must have exactly the same filename as the song file (e.g., "A_hit_song.mp3" vs. "A_hit_song.lrc").

A lot of software and hardware media players support LRC lyrics. A host of advanced lyrics features are provided by the MiniLyrics plugin, available for all major players.

Entire collections of ready-made LRC lyrics in dozens of languages are available on the Internet. As a rule, all song texts are copyrighted and intended only for personal fair use.

Software to open or convert LRC files

You can open LRC files with the following programs:
KaraFun Player
KaraFun Player by Recisio
¿áÎÒÒôÀÖ by ¿áÎҿƼ¼
QQ音乐2016 by 腾讯科技(深圳)有限公司
The KMPlayer
The KMPlayer by Pandora.TV
QQ音乐2017 by 腾讯科技(深圳)有限公司

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