MHT File Extension

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What is the .MHT file type?

The MHT file extension is associated with Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension HTML (MHTML) documents by Microsoft Corporation. Introduced in 1999, the MHT file format is used for storing web page contents with all its applets, graphics, audio, animations, and other media data.

An .mht file is created when saving a web page to a user's desktop in the Internet Explorer browser. Text blocks from the page are saved in the HTML format while embedded media information is remapped and encoded in Base64. Hyperlinks don't undergo any changes.

The MHT file format has become very common because it enables users to save the complete web page along with all related resources in a single file rather than creating a set of multiple files containing page elements.

Files with the .mht extension can be viewed via Internet Explorer or third party add-ons available for Opera and Mozilla Firefox. You can also use MHTML converting tools to export .mht files into other file formats such as PDF or JPG.

Software to open or convert MHT files

You can open MHT files with the following programs: 

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