AAE File Extension

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What is the .AAE file type?

The .aae extension is associated with the newer XML sidecar format, introduced in Apple's latest iOS 8 (iPhone 5 and later) and Mac OS Yosemite operating systems to support non-destructive image/video editing and effects.

The .aae file is a text-based Apple XML Property List (PLIST) document that describes all editing operations performed on an image (video) or effects/filters applied to it. The name of each sidecar file matches the name of the respective original image (.jpg) or video (.mov). The original photos or videos remain untouched. If no editing was done and no filters/effects applied, no .aae files are created. When images/videos are transferred to the computer (e.g., using Image Capture), their XML sidecar files (.aae) are transferred as well.

Currently, iPhoto on iOS 8 is the only application to support the AAE sidecar format. On both PC and Mac, .aae files are useless and can be safely deleted, although their contents (XML code) can be easily examined with any text editor. On the iOS 8 iPhone, deletion of the .aae files will remove all editing, filters, and effects and return the affected images/videos to their original state.

Software to open or convert AAE files

You can open AAE files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery by Microsoft Corporation
iTunes by Apple Inc.

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