MLG File Extension

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What is the .MLG file type?

The .mlg filename extension is primarily associated with the IBM Personal Communications Message Log (.mlg) file type used by IBM Personal Communications, IBM Corporation's proprietary multi-environment messaging software for Microsoft Windows (XP and earlier). The software keeps a log of messages received and sent by its user, saving it in a message log (.mlg) file ("PCSMSG.mlg" is the default name of this file). The size of the .mlg log file can grow as needed to accommodate new log entries, subject to the OS and filesystem limitations. In addition to message logs (.mlg), trace log (.tlg) files are also generated for troubleshooting and debugging purposes. Both .mlg and .tlg files can be opened, merged in any combination, and viewed using the Log Viewer utility provided with IBM Personal Communications.

Another file type associated with the .mlg extension is 1C:Enterprise Event Log (.mlg). 1C:Enterprise is popular commercial accounting and enterprise management software developed by a Russian 1C Company for the Microsoft Windows platform. For security and traceability reasons, 1C:Enterprise registers all user-generated events in a single log file ("[base_directory]\SYSLOG\1cV7.mlg" in version 7.7). A large text file itself, this .mlg log can be opened to review its records by selecting the Monitor tool in the 1C:Enterprise launcher and using appropriate object filters.

Besides, standing for 'Message/Mission Log,' the .mlg extension serves as a generic label for various message, mission, or transaction log files created by different applications for their logging purposes. Each of such .mlg files contains event records that can be later viewed and analyzed using an appropriate log viewing tool.

Software to open or convert MLG files

You can open MLG files with the following programs:
MULTILOG for Windows
MULTILOG for Windows by Scientific Software International, Inc.
Microlux by LuxArt

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