R10 File Extension

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What is the .R10 file type?

The .r10 extension belongs to a family of filename suffixes that denote multi-volume RAR archives. RAR and its Microsoft Windows version WinRAR are proprietary archive managers by E.Roshal, with RAR available as freeware on all major platforms.

Like other archive managers, both RAR and WinRAR are capable of creating multi-volume, or split archives whose entire contents are split into multiple parts. This is usually done to ensure transfer of large data volumes via unreliable media.

By default, RAR/WinRAR split archives are named after the pattern "archive_filename.part[nnn].rar," with [nnn] a numerical designation of a file's position.

The alternative naming scheme involves the use of the extensions .r00 through .r99 assigned to archive parts in sequence, starting with .r00. So, the .r10 file is the twelfth part of a RAR/WinRAR multi-volume archive. The first file always has the extension .rar or .exe (if self-extraction module included).

Any RAR/WinRAR split archive can be successfully unpacked only if all its parts (.r00.r99 or "...part[nnn].rar") are present in the same directory during data extraction.

Software to open or convert R10 files

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