PANO File Extension

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What is the .PANO file type?

The primary association of the .pano extension lies with the Kolor Autopano Pro/Giga Project (PANO) file type and format. Kolor provides image-stitching and virtual-tour solutions, among which Autopano Pro/Giga stands out as a professional-level cross-platform panorama maker application. Autopano Pro/Giga is used to automatically create high-quality seamless panoramic images from a series of individual pictures.

A .pano file is an Autopano Pro/Giga project file that defines and stores all settings and options used by the application to create wide-angle panoramic images from source pictures. A .pano file does not contain actual image data, only references to images and instructions to the panorama-maker engine.

A PANO project file would usually be saved in a separate project directory. After a .pano project is fully processed and rendered in Autopano Pro/Giga, the resulting panoramic view will be saved as a bitmap image in the specified output directory.

The PANO file type is automatically associated with Autopano (if installed), and .pano files can be opened with a double-click.

Alternatively, the .pano extension is also used to denote the proprietary Windows Camera panoramic bitmap image format and the related PANO file type. PANO is associated with the Windows Camera application introduced in Microsoft (MS) Windows 8.1. Windows Camera is an interactive panoramic shooting application that lets a user take several pictures from the same vantage point, to be seamlessly transformed into a panoramic view image (.pano). PANO files can be opened and viewed with the Windows Camera application on MS Windows 8.1 only.

Lastly, the .pano extension serves to identify panoramic extra-oral X-ray dental images taken with specialized radiographic equipment in dental care establishments. Such a .pano file is an X-ray image that shows all patient's teeth in a panoramic view, letting a dentist make an overall dental health assessment. Dental PANO images can be opened with dedicated viewers (e.g., Kodak Trophy Windows Viewer, TWV).

Software to open or convert PANO files

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