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What is the .ROM file type?

The .rom filename extension chiefly serves to denote generic Read-Only Memory (ROM) images saved as files. A .rom file can hold PC BIOS firmware or contents of an electronic device's ROM. It contains identical representation of a binary program code placed into the ROM (flash) memory for persistent storage.

ROM files usually have specific sizes that are multiple of 8 (256, 512, and so on), although the exact format of a given .rom file depends on its origin and purpose. ROM files are commonly used for distributing and updating firmware and may have several other extensions (.bin, .ami) or no extension at all. If used for updating (flashing) firmware, any ROM file is first checked for format correctness and data integrity to avoid 'bricking' a device.

The .rom extension itself often denotes firmware dumps of older computers (Atari, Amiga, Commodore 64, Spectrum ZX Sinclair, etc.) or hardware devices for use with their software emulators. Also, ROM files may contain images of game cartridges. Entire archives of various ROM images exist on the Internet, and there are numerous tools to work with .rom files, depending on their format/purpose.

In particular, the .rom extension occurs in relation to the Nintendo 64 ROM Image (.rom) file type and format. Nintendo 64 (N64) is an older gaming console by Nintendo, popular on the emulation scene thanks to several N64 emulators such as Project64 and others.

A .rom file is an equivalent copy of an N64 game cartridge in a special binary format. A .rom file can be loaded into an emulator as if a cartridge were inserted into a console. N64 ROM's often come ZIP-compressed and may have other extensions (.n64, .bin). Distribution of copyrighted ROM contents as image files is illegal.

Software to open or convert ROM files

You can open ROM files with the following programs:
Project64 versión
Project64 versión by Henryxs87
WinDS PRO Apps
WinDS PRO Apps by WinDS PRO Central
刷机精灵 by 深圳瓶子科技有限公司
WinDS PRO Apps
WinDS PRO Apps by WinDS PRO

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