MSN File Extension

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What is the .MSN file type?

The .msn file extension refers to the Microsoft Windows environment. This extension is commonly attributed to Microsoft network settings files that contain a list of blocked Internet hosts identified by their IP addresses. MSN files are necessary to prevent users from opening harmful or blocked websites: before fulfilling the http request, the system first checks its IP in the corresponding .msn file.

Besides that, the MSN file extension may also define installer files for MSN Content Plus, a collection of various add-ons and enhancement tools designed to extend the functionality of Microsoft Messenger. Such MSN files are usually distributed in a .mcp archive.

In addition, MSN files are used by Descent, a first-person shooter video game created by Parallax Software. They represent plaintext files that can be created or edited with any text editing application. Descent's MSN files contain mission information required during game sessions. They are also needed for adding missions to the New Game and Start Multiplayer Game lists.

Software to open or convert MSN files

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