CALIB File Extension

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What is the .CALIB file type?

The filename extension .calib belongs to the Chief Architect Library (.calib) file type associated with a range of commercial architectural design and planning software such as Home Designer from Chief Architect, Inc. All Chief Architect products allows to use installable object libraries with models and images of various shapes, materials, interior items, fixtures, elements, etc.

Such libraries are distributed as .calib files (e.g., "CoreMaterials.calib"), usually accompanied by .zip archives containing referenced files, or as compressed .calibz files. The .calib file represents an uncompressed Chief Architect object library. Internally, it is an SQLite 3 database directly readable by the software via the SQLite 3 DBMS engine. This database contains a complex set of data on the library's objects, including links to referenced files, if any. Each library (.calib or .calibz) is versioned and can be used with the same version of the software it is intended for, or newer. Core libraries are provided for downloading to registered users, along with detailed installation instructions, on the Chief Architect official website.


Software to open or convert CALIB files

You can open CALIB files with the following programs:
Home Designer Suite
Home Designer Suite by Chief Architect
Chief Architect Premier X8
Chief Architect Premier X8 by Chief Architect
Chief Architect Premier X6
Chief Architect Premier X6 by Chief Architect
Home Designer Pro
Home Designer Pro by Chief Architect
Chief Architect Premier X7
Chief Architect Premier X7 by Chief Architect

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