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What is the .AA file type?

AA is a proprietary audio file format developed and supported by Audible.com, the leader of the audio content supply industry in the US. AA is used to store audiobooks and audio versions of periodicals that you can buy on their website.

Audible.com offers audio files in several variants of the AA format. They cover different encoded bitrates and consequently different levels of sound quality: Format 2 has a bitrate of 8 kbp/s, Format 3 - 16 kbp/s, and Format 4 - 32 kbp/s. The higher the bitrate, the higher the audio quality and the larger the file size.

The inside contents of an .aa file are stored in the unprotected MP3 or ACELP formats, but their encrypted Audible container applies certain DRM restrictions to prevent pirating. You need to use the username/password system to play back downloaded .aa books or burn them to CD.

AA files can be used in different models of media players, cell phones, and other portable devices including Apple iPods and Amazon Kindles. If it turns out that your player is not supported by Audible, you can convert .aa files into other common media formats.

Software to open or convert AA files

You can open AA files with the following programs:
AudibleManager by Audible, Inc.
MediaPlayerLite by MediaPlayerLite
Audible Download Manager
Audible Download Manager by Audible, Inc.
Media Jukebox
Media Jukebox by J. River, Inc.

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