MUI File Extension

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What is the .MUI file type?

The .mui filename extension stands for 'Multilingual User Interface' (MUI) and denotes the MUI format and file type. MUI files are used in Microsoft (MS) Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and other MS products as part of a standard way to support a multiple-language interface framework. MUI is a proprietary format by MS and is part of the Windows operating system.

Each MUI file corresponds to one of the supported interface languages and contains user interface entries (menu items, lists, messages, alerts etc.) as well as language-specific settings for a system component in that language.

Normally, system-wide .mui files are stored under the 'System32' directory, within a sub-directory, the name of which corresponds to the language code (e.g., 'System32/en-US'). MUI files should not be removed or deleted as they are part of the Windows localization mechanism.

Alternatively, the .mui extension can be associated with OpenGL program files developed with the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT), a portable API-providing tool for OpenGL. OpenGL (Open Graphics Layer) is a cross-platform, high-performance and powerful 3D-graphics language and framework.

Software to open or convert MUI files

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