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What is the .VCD file type?

The .vcd filename extension has its primary association with the file format VirtualDrive Disk Image (VCD) and the respective file type (.vcd). FarStone VirtualDrive Pro is a commercial software product by FarStone for optical-drive (CD/DVD/BluRay) image creation and emulation. VirtualDrive Pro allows to create images of physical optical disks and mount them on virtual drives.

VirtualDrive Pro saves disk images in its proprietary VCD format. A .vcd file is a large binary file, representing a disk image created or converted by VirtualDrive Pro. Besides VirtualDrive Pro, VCD disk images are recognized and can be mounted or converted into other disk-image formats by several popular virtual drive tools.

Besides, the .vcd extension also denotes the Valve Choreography Data (VCD) file format/type. Valve Software is a well-known developer of computer games (the Half-Life, Half-Life 2 series, etc.). In Valve games, the VCD format is used to program choreographed scenes, i.e. game character actions, especially, facial animation and synchronization of lip movements with the audio stream.

A .vcd file is a plaintext file that uses a proprietary XML-based format to script choreographed scenes that are triggered by certain key events, places or main character actions in the game. The Valve game engine requires all .vcd files not to have extra point symbols in their filenames. VCD files are normally created and edited with the Valve's Faceposer tool.

Apart from that, the .vcd extension is used as a label for Value Change Dump (VCD) files that are a standardized way (IEEE Standard 1364-1995) to record waveform analysis data in electronic circuit design. The VCD format relates closely to the Verilog hardware description language (VHDL). A value change dump file (.vcd) is an ASCII text-based file with several delimited sections, one of which contains a dump listing of values, changing along the timeline. VCD dumps are commonly used in simulations to debug complex electronic circuits.

Lastly, the .vcd extension can be found assigned to special service files that contain control and metadata information on Video CD disks. Video CD (VCD) is an outdated format that was used to store digital video data on CD disks. VCD used MPEG-1 video compression and introduced the use of user-selectable menus and chapters. On a Video CD disk, .vcd files (usually, four) are located in the "VCD" directory, while the actual audio/video data are stored in .dat files in the "MPEGAV" directory.

Software to open or convert VCD files

You can open VCD files with the following programs:
PowerISO by Power Software Ltd
PowerISO by PowerISO Computing, Inc.
MediaPlayerLite by MediaPlayerLite
UMPlayer [P4]
UMPlayer [P4] by Ori Rejwan

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