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What is the .R file type?

The R file extension is commonly assigned to scripts created in the R programming language. R scripts are used for applications performing different kinds of statistical analysis. They contain source code that can be executed within the R software environment on multiple platforms, including Windows, MacOS, and UNIX.

R files can also contain scripts written in the REBOL (short for Relative Expression Based Object Language) programming language. A REBOL script represents a text file with source code that can be compiled into an executable Internet application or multimedia utility. REBOL apps can run on both the server and client sides.

Files labeled with the .r extension are also associated with resource files on the Mac OS X operating system. Such files store shortcut functions and variables for one or more related software products designed to run within a Mac OS X environment.

Alternately, the .r file extension may be used for RatFor pre-processor source files. Created in 1974, Ratfor (Rational Fortran) is an old programming language used as a precompiler for FORTRAN 66. Ratfor .r files contain a set of instructions to compile applications for mathematical and scientific computing.

The Pegasus Mail (PMail) email client also uses the .r file extension for storing resource files. This software application has minimum system requirements and can be installed on stand-alone computers or local area networks on Macintosh or Windows-based computers.

Software to open or convert R files

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