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What is the .ORA file type?

As an abbreviation of 'OpenRaster,' the .ora filename extension has its primary association with the OpenRaster Image (.ora) file type and format. OpenRaster is a layered raster image format heavily based upon the existing OpenDocument Format (ODF) and poised as an open alternative to Adobe's proprietary PSD format (Adobe Photoshop). OpenRaster currently undergoes development and is not widely supported yet.

The .ora file is an OpenRaster image. Following the ODF path, it is basically a ZIP archive with an internal directory tree that contains all parts of the OpenRaster image. Those include layer images (.png), XMP and EXIF metdata, layer effects and masks, color profile information, action records, and other data. Besides, each .ora image archive must contain pre-generated flattened preview and thumbnail images (.png).

The OpenRaster (.ora) format is natively used in MyPaint and supported in several other open-source bitmap graphics editors such as GIMP and Krita. Besides, any .ora image can be directly opened as a ZIP archive, and the contained layers extracted as PNG files.

Alternatively, and apparently standing for 'Oracle,' the .ora extension is also used for denoting Oracle Database configuration files that cover different aspects of running an Oracle Database server. An .ora file is a regular text file with a list of settings and parameter definitions. For instance, the "sqlnet.ora" file is the main configuration file for Oracle Database's SQL*Net subsystem, while the "tnsnames.ora" file controls net service name mappings.

Software to open or convert ORA files

You can open ORA files with the following programs:
MyPaint by Martin Renold & MyPaint Development Team
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team
MyPaint w64
MyPaint w64 by Martin Renold and the MyPaint Development Team

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