TRASHES File Extension

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What is the .TRASHES file type?

In MacOS, Android and GNU/Linux, '.trashes' is not an extension but a filename preceded with a dot. '.Trashes' is the name of a directory that holds deleted files before they become deleted permanently, following the waste-basket (recycle-bin, trash-can) concept adopted in all desktop GUI's.

The .Trashes directory can be often found on USB drives, holding deleted files and taking up storage space. Normally, this directory cannot be deleted but can be emptied either by the 'Empty trash' GUI command, or by manual deletion of all files it contains.

Like in Unix/Linux systems, dotted filenames are treated in MacOS as hidden, so display of hidden files must be enabled to access the '.Trashes' directory manually.

In Windows, '.Trashes' directories are often encountered on removable volumes used both in Windows and MacOS (Linux). In a pure Windows environment, appearance of a '.Trashes' directory can be definitely considered a sign of a virus infection.

Software to open or convert TRASHES files

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