DIAGSESSION File Extension

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What is the .DIAGSESSION file type?

The lengthy filename extension .diagsession denotes the Diagnostics Session (.diagsession) file type used in Microsoft Visual Studio and the F12 Developer's Tools for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), Microsoft's web browser bundled in the latest releases of Microsoft Windows.

A .diagsession file represents a memory heap snapshot with additional profiling information that allows to troubleshoot memory leaks, performance drags, or other application issues. Generated in Visual Studio or F12, such files (.diagsession) are commonly used for diagnosing and profiling purposes, for instance, on the Microsoft Azure Web Sites platform. Technically, it is a regular ZIP archive containing several .etl memory trace files inside GUID-named subdirectories, along with the control and metadata XML files.

Such diagnostic session files (.diagsession) can be directly opened in Microsoft Visual Studio for detailed analysis. Since version 2013, Microsoft Visual Studio can open .diagsession files saved from the F12 tools in IE11. In Visual Studio, diagnostic sessions are handled in the Performance and Diagnostics section.

Software to open or convert DIAGSESSION files

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