SLD File Extension

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What is the .SLD file type?

SLD is a file extension for slide files used in the AutoCAD computer-aided design software application developed by Autodesk, Inc. SLD files contain a raster image capture of an AutoCAD screen typically taken using the MSLIDE command.

Files with the .sld extension are often used in presentations to show clients blueprints of product design or to distribute project samples from designers/engineers to clients. SLD files can be bundled in .slb slide libraries to transfer more than one file.

Additionally, the SLD file extension is associated with the Styled Layer Descriptor format. SLD files are designed for defining appearance of map layers generated by a Web Map Service (WMS) using geographic information system data.

A Styled Layer Descriptor file represents an XML-formatted document that specifies both raster and vector data. It may include such information as thickness, color, fonts, etc. of a specific single-named layer. The SLD file format is supported by various desktop or server-side software.

Software to open or convert SLD files

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