OVL File Extension

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What is the .OVL file type?

The OVL file extension refers to DOS overlay files used in the pre-Windows era. They helped software developers overcome existing memory limitations, because back then random-access memory was between 16K and 64K. That's why it was impossible to fit an entire program code into the available system memory.

OVerLay files represent a portion of the object code loaded on demand by an overlay manager from external memory into the destination region. It was a handy means of memory management allowing developers to build applications that were larger than the computer's main memory. OVL files were used by such programs as dBase database management system, WordStar word processor and others.

In addition, OVL files can also be used in the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 computer gaming application that allows users to construct and manage their own amusement parks. Such files with the .ovl extension represent data containers storing visual effects, graphics, textures, 3D models, and other data required in the game.

Software to open or convert OVL files

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