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What is the .USR file type?

The primary association of the .usr filename extension belongs to the FileMaker Runtime Database (.usr) file type and format. FileMaker is a commercial relational database solution for several platforms (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Apple iOS) from FileMaker, Inc. FileMaker allows to develop database applications and distribute them in the so-called kiosk, or runtime mode.

A kiosk-mode application consists of a standalone platform-dependent executable and a runtime database (.usr). The executable and the database are bound to each other with a bind key. USR databases are transferable between platforms (Windows/Mac OS X/iOS).

The .usr file is a relational database in FileMaker's proprietary format. To open such files, one must use FileMaker. To open a .usr file in FileMaker as a database, one can simply change the extension to .fp7 (FileMaker Pro, Version 7) or .fmp12 (since FM 12). Once opened in FileMaker, data inside the .usr database can be exported in several formats.

As a short for 'User,' the .usr extension is conventionally used for all kinds of files created by, or for, the user. In contrast to any default modules or data files shipped with software, user files (.usr) are there for customization, fine-tuning, and expansion of the software.

A .usr file may represent a user-defined script, a user-level database, a custom dictionary, menu or data file. Since the .usr extension is used to denote user files by many computer programs, such files (.usr) come in a multitude of different text-based and binary formats. Text-based .usr files can be opened and modified in a text editor.

Lowrance GPS devices use the .usr extension to denote the GPS Data File (.usr) file type and format. A .usr file is a GPS data log (tracks, waypoints, routes, location markers) recorded by a Lowrance GPS device (e.g., iFINDER) in a proprietary binary format. Using the GPS device's connectivity, such .usr files could be transferred to a computer or another GPS unit. USR files can be read in GPSBabel.

Inside Nek5000, an open fluids dynamics solver developed at Argonne National Laboratory (Chicago, IL), the .usr extension covers text-based user files ('usrfiles') with sets of user-defined Fortran subroutines. The purpose of the .usr file is in providing access to the fluid model's variables during the simulation. Such .usr files can be opened in any text editor.

Software to open or convert USR files

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