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What is the .FBB file type?

The filename extension .fbb primarily belongs to the 筆まめ (Fudemame) Project (.fbb) file type associated with the 筆まめ (Fudemame) software. Fudemame (translated as 'Handwriting' from Japanese) is a paid postcard, label, sticker, etc. design tool with an integrated address book, developed by FUDEMAME CO., Ltd. (Creo Co., Ltd.) for Microsoft Windows and marketed in Japan. Released in the Japanese language only, the Fudemame software exists in several editions such as 筆まめSelect2009 (Fudemame Select 2009) and others. The .fbb file represents a creative project authored in Fudemame. Just like the Fudemame address books (.fwa, .fba), the .fbb project files can be opened in Fudemame only. When installed, Fudemame creates its own association for the .fbb file type.

Alternatively, the .fbb extension is related to the CalculiX Geometry Backup (.fbb) file type associated with CalculiX GraphiX (cgx), an open and free Finite Element Analysis (FEA/FEM) software package primarily developed by Klaus Wittig and available on multiple platforms. With reference to CalculiX, the .fbb file represents a backup copy of a model's geometry data, saved when an identically-named .fdb file already exists in the saving location. The .fbb files use the same format as the CalculiX geometry files (.fdb) and differ only by their extension.

Software to open or convert FBB files

You can open FBB files with the following programs:
筁EまめE Ver.21
筁EまめE Ver.21 by 販売允EEE株弁E企E社クレオ 閁E発允EEE株弁E企E社モーリン
筁EまめE Ver.20
筁EまめE Ver.20 by 販売允EEE株弁E企E社クレオ 閁E発允EEE株弁E企E社モーリン
筁EまめE Ver.19
筁EまめE Ver.19 by 販売允EEE株弁E企E社クレオ 閁E発允EEE株弁E企E社モーリン

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