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What is the .RSD file type?

The .rsd filename extension has its primary association with the Rosetta Stone Data (RSD) file type and format. Rosetta Stone is the developer and provider of numerous paid multimedia foreign-language courses that are released as MS Windows or Mac OS X applications bundled with the respective linguistic data.

An .rsd file is a digital audio file in the RSD format. RSD is a proprietary binary container format developed by Rosetta Stone as a means of storing digital multimedia data. RSD audio files are normally located in the "data" and "speech" directories of a language-course disk.

RSD files serve as storages of language-course audio content and are not meant to be directly opened. Instead, such .rsd containers are referenced by the Rosetta Stone application to select and play the required audio sections to support the displayed study material.

Alternatively, the .rsd extension is also associated with the REAL SQL Database (RSD) file format/type. RSD is a proprietary database format developed by REAL Software for REAL SQL Server, a commercial RDBMS engine. An .rsd file is a database that can be accessed with any DBMS providing support for the REAL SQL Server back-end (e.g., earlier versions of Xojo; later switched to SQLite).

Radiator, a freeware MS Windows (Delphi) application by M.Flesko for playback/recording of air radio broadcasts via tuner cards, uses the .rsd extension as a label for its Radiator station files (.rsd). Any such .rsd file is a text-based listing of radio station frequencies and names generally receivable in a given area. RSD station files are easily edited with a text editor.

Lastly, the .rsd extension also serves for identification of shared dataset definition files (.rsd) used by the Reporting Services section of Microsoft SQL Server.

Software to open or convert RSD files

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