TPL File Extension

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What is the .TPL file type?

A short for 'Template,' the .tpl extension mainly appears as a label for various template files created and used by a wide variety of applications. A template is a document skeleton, a pre-made arrangement of document elements, fields and headers that make it much easier and quicker to create new documents of the same type.

As a number of different applications use the .tpl extension for their template files, such .tpl templates can come in greatly varying formats. TPL templates should be opened and generally used with those applications they are intended for.

If the origin of a .tpl file is unknown, one could still gather clues regarding what applications might be able to open the file. It can be done by opening it with a hexadecimal viewer in the read-only mode, looking for the file's header signature. Another way is to try opening the file with a text editor, or using online file ID services that would analyze the file's contents to determine its type.

More specifically, the .tpl extension is very often used to denote PHP templates, especially when using some kind of content management system (CMS). PHP (PHP HTML Preprocessor) is an extremely popular interpreted server-side programming language and runtime framework, widely employed on web servers worldwide.

A .tpl file is a plaintext file with PHP and/or HTML source code that usually bears the function of a design template for a PHP-driven web site. TPL files are treated specially by most PHP-enabled web servers.

Differently, the .tpl extension also finds use with Adobe Photoshop to denote the Adobe Photoshop Brush Preset (TPL) file format and type. Adobe Photoshop (PS) is an industry-standard bitmap image-processing application by Adobe, both powerful and flexible.

Adobe PS uses brush presets (.tpl) to store pre-made drawing tool shapes that can be loaded and used while drawing or retouching. TPL presets can be modified, or created anew. Brush presets (.tpl) are handled via the Preset Manager tool in Adobe PS.

Software to open or convert TPL files

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