SKA File Extension

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What is the .SKA file type?

SKA files are primarily associated with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) security system used for coding and decryption of e-mail messages as well as for creation and verification of digital signatures. The .ska extension is attributed to secret keyring files used in the PGP data encryption scheme.

PGP employs mathematical algorithms to create a public and private key pair to encrypt/decrypt data sent in a digital message. A private key that typically consists of random numbers is stored in a .ska file on the user's hard drive.

If a private keyring file is accidentally deleted or becomes corrupted, it may take much time to decrypt the related message back into its original form. That's why PGP provides an opportunity to create a backup copy of the cryptographic keys.

Additionally, the .ska file extension may be assigned to MilkShape 3D animation files. This program is used for creation of models for a large number of game applications. Such SKA files contain movement deltas and bone animation information. Besides SKA, Milkshape 3D can also export animations to over 70 file formats.

Software to open or convert SKA files

You can open SKA files with the following programs:
PicosmosTools by Free Time
ÃÀͼ¿´¿´ by Meitu, Inc.
2345看图王 by

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