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What is the .ADT file type?

Primarily, the .adt filename extension stands for the ACT! Document Template (.adt) file type and format, with reference to a popular commercial Client Relations Management (CRM) software named ACT! from Swiftpage. Thanks to their database merge fields, ACT! templates (.adt) provide a convenient way to efficiently produce multiple documents (e.g., mass send-outs, promotions) in the same style. ADT files can be opened in ACT! and authored both in ACT! and Microsoft Word, if selected in ACT! as the default word processor. To save document templates as .adt files in Microsoft Word, the ACT! plugin must be enabled.

In Autodesk's famous commercial CAD system AutoCAD and its many specialized subversions, the .adt filename suffix denotes the AutoCAD Audit Log (.adt) file type and format. The .adt file is an audit log created automatically against the AutoCAD drawing (.dwg) in the same directory when the AUDIT command is issued, or an audit operation is triggered (e.g., by improper shutdown). If not needed for troubleshooting or error reports, such audit logs (.adt) are safe to delete. Setting the AUDITCTL parameter to 0 disables the automatic audit log creation.

Quite confusingly for AutoCAD users, the .adt extension is also claimed by the Audio Data Transport Stream (ADTS) self-synchronizing audio streaming format, being assigned to ADTS audio files (.adts, .adt). Served through MPEG-TS or ShoutCAST, ADTS streams are usually AAC-encoded. Both streamed and standalone ADTS audio files (.adts, .adt) can be directly played by a few all-purpose multimedia players, including Windows Media Player (WMP). In Microsoft Windows, WMP is the default association for both the .adts and .adt file types.

In the scope of Sybase's commercial Advantage Database Server (ADS) RDBMS, the .adt extension represents the Sybase Advantage Table (.adt) file type and format. The .adt file is a single table within a Sybase Advantage database. It cannot be 'opened,' but rather must be connected to, using the ADS database engine. A number of commercial applications incorporating ADS would use .adt files in their databases. With a special procedure that involves 'freeing' the ADT table from the database dictionary using the Advantage Data Architect tool, the table's data can be extracted and imported into other DMBS, like SQL Server.

Early versions of Adapt It (before ver. 3), a cross-platform open-source translation software for related languages, used the .adt extension for their binary document and knowledge base files. Since version 3, a new XML document format was introduced, with the legacy .adt format still supported throughout all Adapt It 3.x.x releases. Before any legacy .adt file can be used with Adapt It 4 or later, it must be converted, using the latest Adapt It 3.x release.

In addition to that, the .adt filename suffix designates the terrain tile files (.adt) used in the World of Warcraft (WoW) MMORPG by Blizzard Entertainment. In WoW, each .adt file covers one map block divided into 256 (16×16) tiles that define its terrain textures and/or map objects. All the .adt files are stored inside the .mpq resource containers (such as "common-2.mpq") in the "..\World of Warcraft\Data" folder. Thanks to the WoW modding community, there are several unofficial tools to extract/modify the game's resources, including terrain files (.adt).

Software to open or convert ADT files

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VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
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FLV and Media Player by Applian Technologies
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Media Player by CodeTechno

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