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What is the .SIB file type?

The .sib filename extension is associated with the Sibelius Score (SIB) file format and type. A prominent notation editor for both professional musicians and students, Sibelius (named after J. Sibelius) is a full-fledged commercial solution for writing, arranging, and studying music, with the ability to both manage most kinds of notation and play the piece as it's being written.

SIB is a private binary file format developed by Sibelius Software (now, Avid Technology) for notation scores of musical compositions saved with Sibelius. Internally, SIB is distinguished by the plaintext "SIBELIUS" signature at the file's header. A .sib file is a musical score in the SIB format, created with the use of Sibelius and meant to be opened with it.

Besides Sibelius, .sib files can be opened for viewing, transposing, scaling, and printing with the freeware tool Sibelius Scorch, available from Avid Technology. For presentation and non-editable distribution, SIB scores can be published into PDF files. A number of .sib musical scores are available for download from various sources on the Internet.

Software to open or convert SIB files

You can open SIB files with the following programs:
Sibelius by Avid Technology
Sibelius by Avid
Sibelius by Sibelius Software

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