WEM File Extension

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What is the .WEM file type?

The .wem extension is primarily associated with the Wwise Encoded Media (WEM) file format and type. Wwise stands for WaveWorks Interactive Sound Engine, and WEM is a proprietary digital audio container format developed by Audiokinetic, Inc. specifically for video game developers on all major platforms.

A .wem file is a WEM container that stores encoded audio items. Sound data in a .wem container can have Vorbis/OGG, XMA, or WAV encoding. WEM containers are usually created with Wwise authoring tools available from Audiokinetic for sound mixing and editing (incl. non-linear).

Many video game titles rely on WEM files to store their in-game audio data. Those include Star Wars – The Old Republic, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Mass Effect 3, etc.

WEM sound containers cannot be directly played with media players. There are independent tools that offer limited sound data extraction capability in relation to .wem files. It works most commonly with OGG-encoded .wem files.

Besides, the .wem extension can be associated with the WinDev/WebDev Flexible Modeling File (WEM) format and file type. WinDev, WinDev Mobile, and WebDev are comprehensive full-cycle integrated development environments (IDE) designed and marketed by PC Soft.

WinDev is a CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) tool that allows to create standalone, shared, server-based, database-driven and other types of applications. With WinDev/WebDev, a .wem file is a flexible (non-restricting) modeling file. Such .wem files are used as templates for building architecture-independent application models.

Lastly, the .wem filename extension is also employed to denote monthly well demand files (.wem) in the scope of the State of Colorado Water Supply Model (StateMod) software framework. Such .wem files are plaintext and contain data concerning demands for water well structures on a monthly basis.

Software to open or convert WEM files

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