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What is the .SLW file type?

The .slw filename extension is primarily related to the ArcSoft Slide Show Project (.slw) file type, having originated with ArcSoft VideoImpression, a now legacy commercial video and slide-show authoring tool by ArcSoft. VideoImpression was later replaced by ArcSoft MediaImpression, offering an extended set of features. In both VideoImpression and MediaImpression, the .slw file represents a slide show project. It combines a number of static or moving pictures with transition effects optionally applied to each scene change. The .slw file itself is a small-sized XML document that defines the slide show structure, providing references to all media clips and images used in the project. The .slw file does not contain any actual multimedia data and can be reviewed as XML in a text editor. The SLW file type gets associated with VideoImpression (MediaImpression) during the software's installation.

Additionally, the .slw extension occurs in relation to the TurboCAD Symbol Library (.slw) file type that belongs to TurboCAD, a commercial Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tool for Microsoft Windows by IMSI/Design. In TurboCAD, individual symbols or objects are saved as .tcw files, while a set of related symbols can be saved in a single file as a symbol library (.slw) using the same underlying file format. When loaded in TurboCAD, the symbol library (.slw) appears as a folder in the Library palette. Multiple SLW libraries are often combined into a single collection through a text-based .slt file. By default, symbol libraries (.slw) are located in the "%UserProfile%\Documents\TurboCAD\Symbols" folder and its subfolders.

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