Opening RUI files

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What is the .RUI file type?

The name of the file type represented by the filename extension .rui is Rhinoceros User Interface Configuration File (.rui). It has to do with Rhinoceros, a major commercial 3D modeling and visualization solution with advanced rendering and animation capabilities by Robert McNeel & Associates. To give its users more control over its a complex and finely-grained user's interface, Rhinoceros allows to customize the size, position, and display status of toolbars. To this end, the application relies on its Rhinoceros UI files (.rui).

A .rui file defines the configuration of Rhinoceros UI elements such as toolbars. It is an XML document that follows the RhinoUI schema and contains a structured representation of all the UI controls described in it, along with their localized names and associated bitmap graphics (serialized inside XML). Once opened in Rhinoceros, a .rui file causes the application's UI to match the layout defined in the file, and the changes persist for next sessions. The default user's interface configuration is stored in the default.rui file. On systems with Rhinoceros installed, the .rui file type is automatically associated with this software.


Software to open or convert RUI files

You can open RUI files with the following programs:
Rhinoceros by Robert McNeel & Associates
Rhinoceros by McNeel & Associates

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