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What is the .LVR file type?

The .lvr extension (short for 'Lab Viewer') is primarily associated with the Microsoft Visual Studio SCVMM Environment Shapshot Link (LVR) files. Microsoft (MS) Visual Studio is a comprehensive commercial IDE that uses the SCVMM (System Center Virtual Machine Manager) lab environment technology to provide testing capabilities through a distributed network of virtual machines. SCVMM sandbox environments are specifically created and run to test the software currently being developed.

If a bug is found, the usual procedure is to take an image (snapshot) of an environment, in which the bug manifested itself. An .lvr file is a link to such a testing environment snapshot. It is a small (~1K) file that can be used to access the snapshot it points to. LVR links to single or multiple environments are often attached to bug reports prepared with SCVMM. Developers can then use .lvr pointers to directly access actual snapshots stored remotely.

Differently, the .lvr extension is also tied up with the NiceLabel Variable Description (LVR) file format and type. NiceLabel is the name of a series of commercial barcode label design and printing software for MS Windows by Euro Plus. With NiceLabel, it is possible to export label designs (.lbl), and .lvr files are used here to describe variables used in the main exported data file (.pnl). Generating an .lvr file is optional.

Software to open or convert LVR files

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